“Glen worked at my Natural Health clinic in Chicago for a number of years and consistently provided highly quality, compassionate care for our patients.” – Dr. Joseph Mercola
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  • The "Discover" Close
  • The "Fair Statement" Close
  • The "Daydream" Close
  • The "Ultimate Outcome" Close
  • The "Don't Do It" Close
  • The "Appreciating the Objection" Close
  • The "Necessary Commitment" Close
  • The "Future Obstacles" Close
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About The Glen Depke
Glen Depke, Founder of Depke Wellness
Traditional Naturopath, Glen Depke has assisted thousands in achieving personal goals of living into a lean body, increasing their energy and enjoying emotional ease. He uses time tested, proven methods that you can enjoy yourself. 

Everybody wants to feel lean and energized and enjoy emotional ease and you can live into this yourself by following his tips and strategies.
What People Are Saying...

Dr. Joseph Mercola, Mercola.com

Glen worked at my Natural Health clinic in Chicago for a number of years and consistently provided highly quality, compassionate care for our patients.


"Before I met Glen, I had reached a healthy plateau that was just okay. I wasn’t satisfied with that and new there was an answer out there. Glen was immediately comforting to me and didn’t overwhelm me with what to do. We did an adrenal test, found out I needed help with adrenals and hormones. Then, when I was feeling well enough, we did a stool test and discovered I had some bad bacteria overgrown in my gut. We then did a one month bacterial cleanse and I no longer have bloating after meals or adult acne!"


"Quick thank you to Dr. Depke for his 20 minute phone consultation! While many of the things we discussed were things I already knew, I learned more about thyroid, adrenals, immune systems, etc. in our 25 minute conversation, than I learned from my GP in 15 years. Thank you Dr. Depke!"