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Did you know that many of your ailments can be due to infection? Who would think that they are tired because of infection in your heart and lungs? Or how about the "brain fog" you are experiencing tied into an infection in your brain? Perhaps knee pain due to an infection in your knee? You get the picture right!
Introducing Lynda Buitrago, Holistic Health Thyroid Specialist and Our Muscle Testing Expert with the Depke Wellness Center
Lynda Buitrago
Holistic Health thyroid Specialist

OUr Muscle Testing Expert
So how do you find out if there is a potential infection in your heart, lungs, brain or knee?

Unfortunately there is not a blood test that you can use to find infection in these areas of your body.

Utilizing muscle testing is an efficient way to understand the potential infections that can be dragging you down on a daily basis. This may lead to fatigue, poor mental clarity, pain and other symptoms that are troubling you right now.

During this bonus training Lynda will expose the art and science of muscle testing to potentially uncover the underlying triggers that are leading to your current health issues.

*Muscle testing is not a diagnosis, rather a likelihood or probability based on anĀ  energetic responses from your body.
Learn The Secrets Your Body Is Telling You
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