Control Your Mind, Conquer Your Body
Learn the Secrets to Lasting Weight Loss
You likely already have the answers to weight loss. You know what to eat, you know what to avoid, you know how to exercise and you know that you need rest.

Yet for some reason, you cannot stick with what you know to lose weight, or perhaps you lose weight only to gain that same weight back...or more. Frustrating right!
Introducing April Martin, NLP and GST Practitioner with The Depke Wellness Center
April Martin
Your Subconscious Expert
Most do not recognize that weight loss, and I mean long term weight loss, actually occurs above your shoulders.

We see clients that have struggled with this on a regular basis and there are some simple, yet effective strategies to get to the core of your weight gain issues once and for all.

Learn how to shift the 99.4% of your mind that keeps you trapped in a body that you are not happy with. April will help you discover the missing link to your weight issue and during this hands on workshop she will provide you three tools to help you right now!
Control Your Mind and Conquer Your Body
Learn the Secrets to Lasting Weight Loss
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