Want to feel Vibrant and Alive Now?
Detox and Realign the Mind and Body by Combining Bodywork, and Mindset work.
This exclusive program was carefully designed because we live in an extremely busy world
and that creates a special type of stress and toxicity in our lives beyond exhaustion,
overwhelm and fatigue. 

Regular body AND mind “cleansing” has become necessary but dreaded by most.
So we took the dread out and created a fun, relaxing yet rejuvenating
program that you will absolutely love!

This detox program is specifically designed to provide you radical changes in your physical and mental self, which allows you to be physically and emotionally healthy, as if you have a brand new chalk board in front and a fresh piece of chalk in hand, and now you are able to create exactly the life you desire without the old baggage.

It’s designed to help you release physical and emotional built up stress, tension,
toxins, anxiety, worry,
 old beliefs and decisions that no longer serve you.

It will help you become emotionally current, more grounded, happy, and powerful which will naturally allow you to see the exact life you desire magically unfold. Our step-by-step approach that has proven success.

If you are ready and you truly want a vibrant life full of happiness, fun, love, success, and fulfillment, we're ready to guide you with this integrative approach.
Click this link for the details of this exclusive program:
Detox and Realign the Body
  • one-45 minute Raindrop Therapy Session (essential oil therapy)
  • one-40 minute Endermologie (Increases lymph and circulation by 200% and increases movement of tight muscles)
  • Three-60 minute  Customized Therapeutic Massages
Detox and Realign the Mind
  • one-Initial Mindset Session (2 hours)
  • one- Mindset Session to discover your "blind spots" and determine what subconsciously (automatically) motivates and drives you
  • one- Mindset Session to create a personalized system to move you from where you are to where you want to be, easily and naturally
  • one- Mindset Session to wipe the past clean by releasing anger, fear, sadness, hurt, guilt and limiting beliefs and decisions
  • one-Mindset Session to Create the Life of Your Dreams and How to Get it!

This program is only available to coach-able, motivated women who are ready for a radical change in your life!
You must be local as all of the sessions are designed for face to face, in office sessions.

What People Are Saying About the Program
*For the sake of privacy names will be kept confidential, but the words are verbatim*

"I slept so well last night and woke up feeling great!" (after endermologie)

"That treatment was amazing, I think we're on to something." (after endermologie)

"You have a gift of touch, that was the best massage of my life!" (after a massage)

"I feel the tension just melting away." (after a customized massage)

"I just want to thank you for knocking the fear out of me because I don't know how I would've done with all these doctors and blood draws and test scans without going into fear mode and its very noticeable to me that it's gone." (after releasing Anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt)

"You are strong and inspire me." (after our initial 2 hour coaching session)

"Dawn you have such a pleasant voice so glad our souls connected, you've been a real blessing to me. I appreciate you immensely." (after listening to my stress release guided visualization)

"Thank you so much for EVERYTHING! You have always been there for me to help me heal through whatever I'm going through and I really appreciate that Dawn." (after values elicitation and releasing negative emotions)

  How we Realign  the Body
 Balancing and re-aligning your Mind and Body allows you to feel extremely grounded, confident, powerful and ready to take your life to the next level!

Raindrop Therapy (R.T.) uses 9 different organic essential oils on your feet and back to create a unique experience unlike any other. As essential oils penetrate the skin they stimulate a gentle detoxification reaction in the body, while having a soothing experience on the skin.

Endermologie is another unique experience received through a bodysuit. A machine with a small hand attachment is used to suck and roll your skin at a comfortable intensity. This motion increases your circulation and lymphatic drainage creating a detox and healing response. It feels like a massage yet different. People report feeling taller and decreased physical pain after.

Customized Therapeutic Massage helps naturally decrease stress and tension, it also calms the nervous system and helps align the body, mind and soul.

With our extensive experience we will use customized tension releasing techniques specifically for you. You will feel nurtured during these sessions as your muscles relax at deep levels, and years of tension fade away.
How we Realign
the Mind
Mindset work is extremely enlightening and life transforming. Its simple, but not always easy.

It takes a courageous person to be willing enough and to be vulnerable enough to do this type of inner work AND the payoff is insanely amazing!!

Mindset and inner work bring forth the reasons you are stuck in areas of life, not getting the results you truly desire no matter what you do.

This program includes one- two hour Initial Mindset Session ($240 value) and 4 additional Mindset Sessions ($700 Value) described below...

Dawn's designed this program for you to bring forth clarity and specificity with regard to what you WANT and install that as your automatic default thinking pattern (instead of thinking about what you don't want).

Together I will help you release anger, sadness, fear, hurt, guilt, limiting beliefs and decisions and install new beliefs that are in alignment with who you need to be to get what is most important to you.

You will receive a customized daily program to follow that will help you create the life wilder than your wildest dreams!